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Dear OC Members,

On March 2-3, members from our OC Board attended the Cal-ABOTA meeting at Rancho Valencia. Among other business conducted, Orange County's own CHRIS WESIERSKI was elected CAL-ABOTA TRIAL LAWYER OF THE YEAR. Candidates from other chapters included National President Cynthia McGuinn (San Francisco), Duke DeHaas (Los Angeles), John Howard (California Coast), Mike Marlatt (San Bernadino/Riverside), Chris Whelan (Sacramento Valley) and Cynthia Chihak (San Diego). This makes the fifth time an OC member has been honored with TLOY-Don Ruston, Marge Day, Mark Robinson, Doug DeGrave and now Chris Wesierski. We are proud of Chris and look forward to his award ceremony at the Mauna Kea in November.

The OC Chapter Spring Dinner is set for April 23 at the RED O in Newport Center. Sign-up info will coming out shortly. This event is chaired by Yoshi Kubota.

At the time of the Spring Dinner, we will call for a chapter vote on the proposed amendment to our Chapter Bylaws. These bylaws were last amended in 2002. They have been updated and revised to more closely parallel National. The proposed amended bylaws have been drafted and approved by the Executive Committee. They are (or soon will be) posted on the website. This effort was chaired by Mike Maguire.

The OC Chapter has decided to sponsor a Law School Postgraduate Fellowship Program with the three law schools in OC. Two students from each school will be selected. The program is designed to give recent graduates aspiring to be civil trial lawyers some observation exposure to the practice. One month will be spent with a plaintiff firm, one month with a defense firm and one month with a judge. The fellowship will be after graduation, after the bar exam and before the results come out (i.e., Sept., Oct., Nov.) The fellows will be paid by the law firms sponsoring them. This activity is chaired by Eric Traut, Deb Tropp and Ed Leonard.

The OC ABOTA Golf Tournament is set for May 14 at the Mission Viejo Country Club. Sign-up details will be coming out in the days to come. This event is chaired by Gary Gregor and Tom Dillard.

If you have any recommendations for new members to join ABOTA, please reach out to Membership Chair Bill Haggerty or any board member.

Get involved in the best ABOTA chapter in the country.

Mike Strickroth
Orange County Chapter President 2018

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