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Our Foundation Fundraiser took place at the home of Mark and Melody Robinson on August 13. Approximately 50 chapter members attended to enjoy cocktails and conversation, and to raise some money for the ABOTA Foundation. Although some members are still responding with earlier-made pledges and to Doug DeGraves' follow-up letter, it looks like our chapter raised in the neighborhood of $65,000. All involved are to be commended. This event was organized by Mark Robinson and Doug DeGrave.

The six recent law school grads in our Post-Grad Fellowship Program have finished their month with a defense firm. Initial feedback has been very positive-on both sides. The Fellows will now have one month of paid observation with a plaintiff firm learning the ropes from the other side of the fence. Those plaintiff firms participating are Day, Day & Brown; The Roberts Law Firm; Hodes, Milman & Liebeck; Robinson Calcagnie; Panish, Shea & Boyle; and Gibson & Hughes. Thanks to these firms for contributing their time, talent and treasure. Eric Traut, Deb Tropp and Ed Leonard chair this program.

Our second Teachers Law School was held on October 2. Approximately 30 Orange County Department of Education teachers and administrators attended a day full of information on how the third branch of government works, and how important it is that civics be taught in our schools. Talks by Judges Margines and Hernandez covered Orange County Superior Court. A panel of Justices O'Leary, Ikola and Fybel covered the Courts of Appeal. The keynote address was delivered by the always-entertaining Justice Bedsworth. A presentation on Mendez v. Westminster School District was given by Mike Maguire. Lesson plans, teacher aids and other materials were made available to the teachers. The program was enthusiastically received once again. This event is chaired by Judge Linda Marks with help from Bruce Cleeland.

Our annual ABOTA Judges Night is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, at the Pacific Club. At this writing, we have 15 civil panel judges, five court of appeal justices and five retired judges who have said they are coming. It is always a great time. We hope to see you there. This event is chaired by Eric Traut.

As always, if you know or can recommend potential members to join OC ABOTA, please contact Membership Chair, Bill Haggerty, or any board member.We are always looking to grow and diversify our membership. Also, if you are interested in joining the Board, reach out as well. Get involved in the best ABOTA chapter in the country.

Mike Strickroth
OC ABOTA President 2018

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